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For the Love
of Pancito

Pancito (pahn-see-toh) n. A small bread, roll, or pastry. Also referred to as pan dulce (sweet bread) in Mexican culture.

We're passionate about bringing pan dulce to Philadelphia.

We love baking it, eating it, and bringing it to your table.


We Are Pancito

Pancito is an Artisanal Mexican pop-up bakery brought to you by Ana Rodriguez.

Ana grew up enjoying all sorts of sweet bread from a small, hole-in-the-wall, neighborhood bakery. One of her favorite memories is waking up early to get conchas before the bakery ran out of them and enjoying them straight out of the oven.

After college, she decided to use her Culinary Arts degree to travel the world, with Philadelphia becoming her home away from home. However, those traditional neighborhood bakeries were not easy to find, and that joy was hard to relive. That is when the idea came— why not make our own bread, and share it in our neighborhood?

And so, Pancito was born.

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